I started Martial Art class when I was 12years old with the influence of my elder brother. We started to practice together with Master Tang in Chinese Kick Boxing- Wu Shu Kwan in 1982.

In 1984, I started doing boxing lessons with Little Eye Boxing Club. In 1985, I started learning Kuk Sul Won with Master Kim. In 1986, I started learning Shotokan karate with Master Gary at Trinity Community Centre. In 1988, I started doing weight training at Wag Bennett Gym http://www.seemydomain.com/wagbennett/ for 7 years and Wing Chun with various masters (Grand Master Victor Kan Wah http://www.victorkanvt.com/index.html, Master Sid Sofos http://www.fatshanmartialarts.com/, & Master Austin Goh http://austingoh.com/ ).

In 1995, I started doing Muay Thai Boxing at Cobra gym http://www.cobra-gym.co.uk/home/ with World Champions (Champions Tim Izli, Dave Martin). I was also trained under few other famous people (Scott Poulton who was an ABA Boxing Coach who trained at the world famous Gleason’s gym in New York) and (Jamie Bodkin who is a Master personal trainer and has been a kick boxer for more years than not, he won numerous titles including World Light Contact Champion and current WKA European Light Continuous Middle Weight Champion before making the smooth transition into the world of boxing.) kfc87qg

I became an instructor under Sifu Austin Goh on Wing Chun. Finally after achieving my instructor certificate and gaining all the other Martial Art training I have now decided to pass on the knowledge by teaching the art. Even though I’m a qualified instructor in Wing Chun & Kick and Thai Boxing, I always have the passion to want to learn other Martial Art forms. Hence, I started searching for something new and been fascinated to learn Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chen Style under Shifu Brown http://www.daolu.co.uk/